In this online session we’ll cover what AP teams can do to mitigate the risk of payment diversion scams. Payment diversion scams are expected to cost Australian businesses $70m in 2021. A 500% increase from last year.

Their scam of choice; supply chain partner impersonation scams.

By infiltrating in these trusted relationships, the attackers’ ultimate goal is to make standard social engineering tactics more effective, eliciting help in bypassing controls, or sending, fictitious invoices, and bank info change requests that will compromise the target company’s payments.

In this session you’ll learn about:

  • How to alleviate stress and mitigate risk of being defrauded
  • The security void between your ERP and online banking payments
  • How an Australian engineering firm was able to prevent a $1 million fraud attempt using payment fraud detection software
  • What finance teams can do to protect themselves to prevent cybercrime and payment diversion scams
The Essential Cyber Security Guide for CFOs
As a CFO, you're tasked with safeguarding your organisation's financial assets.

Learn how to prevent sophisticated cyber-crime with this free guide.

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