Supplier onboarding that is both fast and secure

Use Eftsure’s web portal to build custom forms and invite suppliers. Eftsure will then independently verify all required suppliers details making currently manual processes more efficient and secure.

  • Import existing suppliers to verify ABN, company name, bank account number and BSB against our network of verified suppliers
  • Automatic third-party supplier information verification during onboarding ensure secure payments.

A central place to securely store vendor related information

  • Always accurate, always up-to-date vendor information verified by third-parties like ABR and ASIC.
  • Process bank account changes securely.
  • Track vendor interactions in a comprehensive audit report.

Automatic GST and ABN verifications in real-time.

Eftsure connects to third-party databases to check additional statuses. Ensure vendors have valid ABN and GST registrations and are creditworthy.

Collect any documents and ensure certificates of currency remain current

Our form builder allows you to collect suppliers’ licenses and certificates of currency and their expiration dates. We then will inform you should those certificates lapse.

Frequently asked questions

Use Eftsure’s web portal to build custom forms and invite vendors. Eftsure will then independently verify all required vendor details making currently manual processes more efficient and secure. Your existing vendors can be imported in bulk. In addition to automating the process, Eftsure always verifies all those details ensuring your master data remains clean and your payments secure.

Accounting software automates aspects of vendor management. But only Eftsure can replace cumbersome manual checking processes. while adding powerful, independent third-party verification to supplier bank details, tax and business registration status and other required information. Adding efficiency and security.

With our portal based form builder you can create custom forms that capture the vendor information you require. We make it easy to send, capture and verify vendor information including business details, bank details, certificates of currency and other regulatory information.

Eftsure is powered by a large network of supplier’s data.  This network has the ability to verify your data at all key phases of your payment lifecycle:

  • We health-check, clean and verify your existing VMF/master data.
  • We allow you to maintain the validity and accuracy of that data using our secure vendor management portal.
  • We provide real-time payment and compliance alerts before you pay, across payment files and in your online banking payment screen.

The new security standard for business payments

Eftsure provides continuous control monitoring to protect your eft payments. Our multi-factor verification approach protects your organisation from financial loss due to cybercrime, fraud and error.