Secure Vendor Management

Onboard and manage vendors to ensure safe payments

Automatically and securely add and change vendors so your master data is clean, and your payments are secure.

Vendor onboarding that is both fast and secure

Verify your existing vendor data
Your existing Vendor Master File (VMF) is imperfect. In fact it is likely that 25% of existing vendor file contains a range of anomalies and errors that put you at risk of payment fraud. By uploading your VMF in a few easy clicks, we can ‘wash it’ against our live, verified vendor database of over 1.4 million businesses and give you a current dashboard view of your VMF.
Add or change vendor details the right way
Use eftsure’s web portal to build custom forms and invite vendors. eftsure will then independently verify all required vendor details making currently manual processes more efficient and secure.
Protection throughout the procure-to-pay process
Powered by a cloud-based, live verified vendor database containing over 1.4m businesses and growing, eftsure provides finance teams with independent, third-party verification of vendor details when they enter your system, when they change and prior-to-payment. We automate separation of duties and enhance your existing controls to make them more efficient and secure.

“Of course eftsure protects us from the risks of social engineering and other scams. But it also allows our team to operate more efficiently and lessens their stress.”

Karin Hattingh, CFO, Solotel

How is our vendor management different?

More efficient than manual processes. More secure than other systems.

Verify your vendor master data

Only eftsure can instantly compare your Vendor Master File (VMF) to our verified vendor database, giving you a dashboard view of your master data. We can then rectify any anomalies lurking in the VMF minimising the risk of that outdated or incorrect information making you susceptible to fraud or error.

Onboard your new vendors securely

Easily and securely add new vendors or change the details of existing ones. In addition to automating the process, eftsure always verifies all those details ensuring your master data remains clean and your payments secure.

Protect your procure-to-pay process

Accounting software automates aspects of vendor management. But only eftsure can replace cumbersome manual checking processes. while adding powerful, independent third-party verification to vendor bank details, tax and business registration status and other required information. Adding efficiency and security.

Works with all major ERP & accounting systems

eftsure’s Know Your Payee (KYP)™ solution

Continuously monitor compliance

Our real time alerts will alert you to lapses in your vendors’ tax and business registration status. Eftsure can also alert you to the expiration of any certificates of currency.

Real-time security alerts at point of payment

Simple, powerful ‘traffic light; signals alert you prior to the release of funds. In your online banking regardless of with whom you bank.

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eftsure is the only solution for CFOs providing real-time vendor alerts at or prior the point of payment. Our Know Your Payee (KYP™) platform protects your organisation from loss due to error or fraud in the online payment process.

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