Continuous Compliance Monitoring

eftsure ensures that the ABN and GST status of your vendors are up to date and continuously monitored – keeping your organisation and your supply chain compliant with regulation and legislation.

Real-time tax and ABN alerts

Is the vendors ABN and GST registration status valid and current, has it been cancelled, does it match to their trading name(s)?

We check when the vendor is onboarded and every time a payment is made.

Digital Forms collect vendor information securely and mitigate supply chain risk

Whether one page or twenty, use our portal based form builder to create custom forms that capture the vendor information you require.

We make it easy to send, capture and verify vendor information including business details, bank details, certificates of currency and othe regulatory information.

Real-time credit scoring

Ensure your newly onboarded suppliers are creditworthy by obtaining a credit score from CreditorWatch with a single click.

Ensure certificates of currency remain current

Our form builder allows you to collect suppliers’ licenses and certificates of currency and their expiration dates. We then will inform you should those certificates lapse.

“The benefits have been substantial time savings, higher staff satisfaction, greater control over on-off contract spend and the ability to review and approve requests quickly. The supplier experience is also significantly better.”

Carl Charlier – Head of Procurement Water NSW

eftsure’s Know Your Payee (KYP)™ solution

Real-time security alerts at point of payment

Simple, powerful ‘traffic light; signals alert you prior to the release of funds. In your online banking regardless of with whom you bank.

Manage vendors to ensure safe payments

Automatically and securely add and change vendors so your master data is clean, and your payments are secure.

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eftsure is the only solution for CFOs providing real-time vendor alerts at or prior the point of payment. Our Know Your Payee (KYP™) platform protects your organisation from loss due to error or fraud in the online payment process.

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