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Fraudsters are constantly adapting their tactics. To ensure you always remain one step ahead of the threats, you need to keep up-to-date with the latest scams targeting your organisation. At eftsure, we are committed to providing you with weekly updates, so you can ensure your organisation has the protections in place to stay safe in the face of growing threats.

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With regular industry events, round-tables and webinars, eftsure is leading a broad discussion about how we can all work together to combat fraud. Join with us to make sure you are part of the solution!

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Our Accounts Payable Security Reports, blogs and guides are all designed to help your organisation avoid costly financial and reputational losses that result from fraud and error. They are ideal for any CFO, AP manager or team member that is committed to stopping payments fraud in its tracks.

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Eftsure provides continuous control monitoring to protect your eft payments. Our multi-factor verification approach protects your organisation from financial loss due to cybercrime, fraud and error.