The Dark Web is a branch of the Deep Web which is purposely hidden and is not indexed by traditional search engines. The dark web can only be accessed by means of specialised software, such as The Onion Router (TOR). TOR is a tool both as a browser and a type of connection that provides you access to the Dark Web.

The Deep Web refers to any part of the Internet that is inaccessible to conventional search engines like Google or Bing and makes up over 90% of the Internet. The Deep Web is often used by the military, journalists, or whistleblowers. However, the Dark web is 0.01% of the deep web has found people using this part of the web for illicit or illegal activities.

Simply going to the Dark Web, or accessing the dark net, is not a crime. You would only be breaking the law if you purchase illegal items or perform illicit services.

According to the RAND report it’s estimated, that over half of the sites on the dark web are linked to criminal activity. The illegal actions include drug trades, crypto currency transactions, weapon purchases, and malware scams.

Unfortunately, many illegal activities on the dark web are aimed at businesses with low to nonexistent cyber security. It is risky for organisations of all sizes, locations, and industries to remain unsecured. Additionally, following an attack, any stolen data can be traded and reused in the future.

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