Every company and every person has sensitive data that needs protection. Luckily, it’s never too soon or too late to start protecting your business and or personal information from thieves and criminals. Cybersecurity is all about preventing unauthorised access to, use of, disclosure of or damage to an organisation’s assets (in this case, data) by malicious activity.

Every business needs to have cybersecurity as their top priority, particularly the CFO, who is most targeted. In order to stay ahead of cyber-attacks, employees should be vigilant in the following:

– Regularly change passwords
– Examine carefully any emails that may contain a malicious link
– Limit access to sensitive data
– Update software regularly

With cyber-crime presenting a large risk to their finances, a modern CFO cannot afford to be complacent. Being the Chief Financial Officer requires that a person have an extensive understanding of the risk involved with cyberspace and the ramifications it may have on their duties.

Here is a list of cybersecurity tips and best practices to get you started:

– Use complex passwords across different devices and accounts
– Enable 2-factor or multi authentication
– Check for HTTPS on websites
– Back up data
– Avoid suspicious emails links or attachments
– Use VPNs

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