Real-time Payment Protection


Real-time alerts at or prior point of payment

Simple ‘traffic light’ style thumb alerts you about potential fraud in real-time on your online bank payments screen, or on your payments file in our web portal.

Banks don’t match Payee Names with BSB and Account Numbers.

This means your organisation could be living with a high level of fraud and error risk from incorrect payment details. eftsure mitigates this risk by verifying payee details where you need details to be correct.

Review a payments file before you pay

Review any payment or ABA file prior to banking. Our powerful thumb alerts will confirm you’re paying the right account name and number (green thumb) or in the case of red thumb, signal there is a mismatch between the bank account name, BSB Account number and ABN.

Real-time alerts in your online banking

Across all the major Australian banks, eftsure will provide simple ‘traffic light’ alerts on your online bank payment screen. A green thumb indicates a verified vendor with a three-way match between Bank Account Name, BSB and Account Number and ABR data. A red thumb indicates a mismatch and is a lead indicator of error or fraud.”

“In a world with ever increasing cyber fraud, having greater peace of mind on outgoing cash is critical…”

Stephen Humphrys, CFO – Steadfast Group Limited

Check who you are paying

Banks ignore account names when you pay, costing Australian businesses over $1 billion a year through fraud and error.

Check a payee now

eftsure protects you against every type of online payments fraud

Supplier email compromise

Supplier or business email compromise (BEC) can defeat internal controls and the most vigilant teams

Fake invoices

Whether internal or external, many scams end up with a fake invoice.

Insider scams

ERP systems cannot protect you from a malicious employee


Cybercrime is costing the Australian economy $29B a year and growing

Password phishing

90% of scams start
and involve email

eftsure’s Know Your Payee (KYP)™ solution

Manage vendors to ensure safe payments

Automatically and securely add and change vendors so your master data is clean, and your payments are secure.

Continuously monitor compliance

Our real time alerts will alert you to lapses in your vendors’ tax and business registration status. Eftsure can also alert you to the expiration of any certificates of currency.

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eftsure is the only solution for CFOs providing real-time vendor alerts at or prior the point of payment. Our Know Your Payee (KYP™) platform protects your organisation from loss due to error or fraud in the online payment process.

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