Protect payments in the mining industry with eftsure

From data breaches to fake invoicing and phishing scams, your payments can easily be diverted to a cyber criminal’s bank account. eftsure stops this, by protecting your business throughout the payment process.

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Security where you need it – throughout the payment process

How do you know you’re paying the right payee? Australian Banks don’t match Payee Names with BSB and Account Numbers so they can’t verify before you pay. This means your organisation is living with the risk of fraud due to incorrect payment details. eftsure’s cloud-based solution mitigates this risk by verifying payee details from vendor onboarding to payment file reviews to point of payment.

Secure payments in your online banking portal

eftsure’s extension adds an extra layer of payment security to your online banking portal. Simple, powerful ‘traffic light; signals alert you prior to the release of funds. Use eftsure’s data as an overlay to seamlessly process payments more secure at all the major banks.

Secure vendor onboarding and management

Use eftsure’s web portal to build custom onboarding forms and invite suppliers. eftsure will then independently verify all required suppliers details making compliance and Account Payable processes more efficient and secure.

Safeguarding payments in the mining industry

Together wit AMEC, eftsure is committed to reduce the risk of payment fraud caused by Business Email Compromise and other scams. Cybercriminals have increased the rate at which they attempt to defraud mining companies. They specifically target Large progress and supplier payments.

“We are receiving increasingly sophisticated attempts at electronic fraud. eftsure provides state of the art protection against those frauds. Its simple to use … I won’t authorise it unless I know its been checked by eftsure.”

Michael Gowing, Group Financial Controller, Toga Group

How a large construction and engineering firm used eftsure’s Know Your Payee™ solution to prevent a payment of over $1m to a fraudster as the consequences of a supplier’s business email having been compromised by a scammer.

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Mining contractors are using eftsure to enhance internal controls

Progress payment security

Progress payments are particularly vulnerable to cybercriminals. They happen often, are usually large amounts and are under time pressure. eftsure will never be compliance about any payments

Avoid paying fraudulent invoices

Whether internal or external, many scams start with a fake invoice. eftsure matches the invoice information with Australia’s largest database of verified bank and business details.

Third party Payee verification

Banks don’t match BSB Payee Names with BSB and Account Numbers. ERP systems cannot protect you from business email scams and malicious employees. A third-party verification tool ensures correct and accurate payments.

Avoid payment diversion fraud

90% of scams start and involve email. cybercrime is costing the Australian economy $29B a year, and that number is increasing.

Greater security & efficiency engaging suppliers

Use eftsure’s web portal to build custom forms and invite suppliers and subcontractors. eftsure will then independently verify all required vendor details making currently manual processes more efficient and secure.

Real-time, reliable & up-to-date vendor data

Powered by a cloud-based, live verified vendor database containing over 1.5m businesses and growing, eftsure provides finance teams with independent, third-party verification of vendor details when they enter your system, when they change and prior-to-payment. We automate separation of duties and enhance your existing controls to make them more efficient and secure.

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eftsure is the only solution for CFOs providing real-time vendor alerts at or prior the point of payment. Our Know Your Payee (KYP™) platform protects your organisation from loss due to error or fraud in the online payment process.

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