EFT Payments & Fraud Report 2020-2021

The risks posed by payments fraud have never been greater for Australian organisations.

Mitigating those risks must start with an accurate appraisal of the threat landscape. All too often, CFOs and AP Managers underestimate the risks, only realising how exposed they are after experiencing first-hand a fraud incident.

This report was developed in collaboration with Crime Stoppers NSW.

Through extensive surveys of industry professionals, along with statistical evidence from eftsure’s own platform, we paint a realistic picture of the threat landscape, and what organisations are currently doing to secure their EFT payments.

This report represents an important first step in helping CFOs and AP Managers understand the risks they face, so they can take concrete steps to strengthen the resilience of their payments processes.


Peter Price, Chair, Crime Stoppers

Eli Oshorov, Senior Content Marketing Manager, eftsure