Cyber Security Guide for CFOs 2021

Unprecedented challenges made 2020 a difficult year for businesses around the world…

…with cybercriminals ramping up their activity dramatically during the pandemic and financial processes increasingly vulnerable as newly remote workforces proved harder to manage, observe, and control from a distance.

And while the ‘F’ in CFO still stands for ‘finance’, the contemporary practice has made it clear that counting and managing the money are only a small part of the modern CFO’s job description.

Financial governance lies at the core of these responsibilities – and, given the inextricable links between data and finance, it’s hardly controversial to observe that this governance requires CFOs to at least understand the cybersecurity threats their organisations face. That is the purpose of this, the fourth annual Cyber Security Guide for CFOs – which updates our long-running cybersecurity guide to incorporate the learnings of the most operationally disruptive year businesses have known in decades.

Designed as a resource for CFOs in particular – but relevant for any executive wanting to better understand the nature of the threat today’s businesses face – it explores the changing role of the CFO within corporate cybersecurity operations; outlines the imperatives companies face as the financial stakes get higher; weighs the consequences of greater digital transformation and adoption of cloud technologies; offers some tips to avoid facing the sack the next time cybercriminals set their sights on your organisation.