Accounts payable teams are under siege by cybercrime syndicates

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Ross Thorpe, Partner, PwC’s Business Align and Connect

Ross combined his passion for People and Innovation, and founded PwC’s Business Align and Connect to advance the ecosystem of technology scale-ups in Australia. Ross will give a high-level overview of how some of Australia’s groundbreaking innovations have helped to future-proof organisations through disruptive technology and automation.

Mark Chazan, Co-founder & Chief Risk officer eftsure

Co-founder and Chief Risk Officer of eftsure, Mark is an engineer, accountant and technologist with 30 years of experience working across a range of solutions from engineering automation software to mobile financial apps. Mark has had numerous local and international patents granted in the financial technology industry.

Gavin Levinsohn, Chief Revenue Officer eftsure

After post-graduate studies in Finance, Gavin spent 21 years in marketing communications leading businesses for global communication groups WPP and Publicis. In 2018 he reconnected with his long held passion for all things digital and joined eftsure where he is Chief Growth Officer.

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