For us, Eftsure is like putting on a new pair of goggles. Even though you’re looking at the exact same transaction listing as before, you suddenly see it in a whole new light. You clearly see which transactions are not verified, whether the amount being paid is too much or whether it’s a duplicate payment. It’s impossible not to look at your transaction listings differently.
Andy Moore
Manager - Processes and Standards

Thanks to having Eftsure sitting on top of its accounting processes, Dorado Property no longer needs to conduct manual spot-checks on payments, because Eftsure facilitates the automated checking of all payments, thereby allowing the organisation to significantly strengthen its security controls.

Having Eftsure helps ensure that data has not been entered incorrectly, nor been manipulated between the time when the banking details were input into the systems and the time when a payment was processed.

To learn more about how Eftsure can help your organisation automate and strengthen payments controls, contact us today.

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