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Fraud alerts in your internet banking screen.

  • Works with all Australian banks
  • $4 billion payments protected per month
  • 1.5M Australian businesses verified
eftsure is safeguarding payments for some of Australia’s largest companies

“eftsure’s solution can uniquely help companies reduce the risk of fraud or error in the payment process. To this day we have not come across a product with similar functionality.”

Shannon Davis, Partner, PwC Australia

Did you know banks in Australia ignore Payee Names when processing online payments?

They rely on the account and BSB numbers only. This means you might be paying someone else if you’re not manually checking the name and the numbers match every time you pay.  eftsure’s Know Your Payee solution automates payee details verification where you need it most.


Real time payment protection


Works with all major banks


Browser based


Trusted by leading businesses


$4 billion payments protected per month


1.5M Australian businesses verified

eftsure protects you against every type of online payments fraud

Supplier email compromise

Supplier or business email compromise (BEC) can defeat internal controls and the most vigilant teams

Fake invoices

Whether internal or external, many scams end up with a fake invoice.

Insider scams

ERP systems cannot protect you from a malicious employee


Cybercrime is costing the Australian economy $29B a year and growing

Password phishing

90% of scams start
and involve email

“We are receiving increasingly sophisticated attempts at electronic fraud. eftsure provides state of the art protection against those frauds. Its simple to use … I won’t authorise a payment unless I know it’s been checked by eftsure.”

Michael Gowing Group Financial Controller

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