Protect B2B payments against fraud and error.

Discover why hundreds of businesses choose eftsure’s Know Your Payee network to improve payment protection and implement greater internal controls for finance and accounting teams.

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Real-time alerts at point of payment

Simple, powerful ‘traffic light; signals alert you prior to the release of funds. In your online banking regardless of with whom you bank.

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“We are receiving increasingly sophisticated attempts at electronic fraud. eftsure provides state of the art protection against those frauds. Its simple to use … I won’t authorise it unless I know it’s been checked by eftsure.”

Michael Gowing  Group Financial Controller

“The payments you think are secure, may not be.”

Banks don’t match Payee Names with BSB and Account Numbers. This means your organisation could be living with a high level of fraud and error risk from incorrect payment details. eftsure mitigates this risk by verifying payee details where you need details to be correct. We protect your payments from being defrauded via: Business Email Compromise, Fake Invoices, Insider Scams, Cyberfraud, and Password Phishing.

Onboard and manage vendors to ensure safe payments

Automatically and securely add and change vendors so your master data is clean, and your payments are secure.

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“Of course eftsure protects us from the risks of social engineering and other scams. But it also allows our team to operate more efficiently and lessens their stress.”

Karin Hattingh CFO

Continuously monitor compliance

Our real time alerts will alert you to lapses in your vendors’ tax and business registration status. Eftsure can also alert you to the expiration of any certificates of currency.

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“eftsure is perfectly suited to enhance needs of a hospital network such as ours.”

Matt Dodds – CFO Alfred Health

Why eftsure?

The ‘anti-virus & firewall’ solution for business payments.

Battle-tested protection

eftsure issues over 1,000 fraud or error alerts per month to verify $3.6 billion worth of transactions per month.

Unique network driven protection

Our unique network-driven security becomes more secure with every payment. Fraudsters and cyber criminals are detected before payments are being defrauded.

Controls – Unmatched peace of mind

People, protocols and procedures will eventually fail. Having software to capture human error and negligence reduces the risk of being defrauded.

Efficient Accounts payble workflows

Flexible supplier onboarding and automated compliance checks allow for more efficient accounts payable processes. Save time and effort while enhancing financial controls.

Leading businesses enhance their internal controls with eftsure

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eftsure is the only solution for CFOs providing real-time vendor alerts at or prior the point of payment. Our Know Your Payee (KYP™) platform protects your organisation from loss due to error or fraud in the online payment process.

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